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Our Data

ThreatInformer starts with a company name and domain name to find, identify, and collect data on external IT systems. ThreatInformer’s technology processes this raw data to create a unique Cyber Profile that shows key cyber risk data for any organisation, of any size, anywhere. ThreatInformer’s data shows you what’s at risk, the business context, and the level of protection.

Low Friction

All you need to provide is company names and their websites. ThreatInformer works with any company, any size.

Real time

Each assessment happens when you request it. Data is collected in real-time, no data lakes or warehouses.


ThreatInformer gets the data you need in 90 seconds or, at most, 5 minutes.


Ask ThreatInformer for a single proposer or a portfolio of insureds, you still get the same speed of service and depth of data.

How do I use ThreatInformer’s data?

At ThreatInformer we know that there are unique needs for brokers, underwriters, and reinsurers for understanding and pricing risk. We work with our clients to customise and calibrate ThreatInformer’s data to their standards, including the integration of new data points and normalisation of our data at the portfolio level to focus on what’s valuable to you.


Turbo charge Cyber sales with our Spark and Coverview reports.


Make decisions on the cyber risk of a single proposer or a portfolio of insureds with a Cyber Profile.


Manage cedant disclosure, get real aggregate data, take control of Cyber risk models.

Technical Integration

ThreatInformer’s speed and low friction aims to support automation of broker’s, underwriter’s, and reinsurer’s existing processes and technologies. There are a number of options for consuming and using ThreatInformer’s data including via the web, PDF, Excel, or JSON.


Web UI



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