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Get the data you need for cyber decision making.


Data for Distribution

ThreatInformer helps you work with brokers to get cyber risk data on organisations in a standardised format, in real time. Make questionnaires shorter, leading to less completion errors. You’re able to see each proposer's cyber risk in the context of the portfolio you’re building and the risks you want to write.

Create demand and drive broker campaigns with Spark, a report that shows the cyber risks specific to a proposer.

Close deals and demonstrate cyber expertise with Coverview, a report that shows why the policy you’re selling is the right option for a proposer's cyber risk.

How It Works

See how our services can help Adam, a cyber underwriter.


Adam needs to hit his Cyber GWP target so he uses ThreatInformer's Spark Assessments to look for SME cyber risks in other classes.


Adam’s Cyber rater uses ThreatInformer’s in-depth Cyber Profile data so quoting, writing, and referring risk is quick and low cost.


Adam’s company needs to get surplus relief. Adam gets a preferential rate on his quota share since ThreatInformer’s data on each insured shows managed risk accumulation.

Ready to fast-track your Cyber growth?