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Get the cyber risk data you're missing.


Manage Cedant Disclosure

When there’s no single source of data on a portfolio’s risks buying reinsurance becomes complex and time consuming.

ThreatInformer gives reinsurers granular data on each insured in a cedant’s portfolio to show what was insured, the business context, and each insured’s protection.

ThreatInformer’s data helps reinsurers work with ceding companies to get the right product, protection, and pricing for risk transfer.

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How It Works

See how ThreatInformer's data can help Abdul, a reinsurance broker.


Abdul uses ThreatInformer to get cyber risk data on his ceding client’s portfolio. Abdul helps his client get the right limits and protections.


Abdul uses ThreatInformer’s data to track key aggregation factors and place those risks in the reinsurance market.


Abdul replaces assumptions in his catastrophe scenarios with ThreatInformer’s data. Abdul now has more control over, and trust in, his risk models.