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Insurance Brokers

Turbo-charge cyber insurance sales.


Get More Cyber Insurance Leads

A Spark report lets brokers speak to prospects about their organisation’s specific cyber risks.

All you need is the company name and their domain. Don’t just ask what your client thinks their cyber risk is, show them.

ThreatInformer gives brokers a way to demonstrate Cyber expertise and engage with new or existing clients using a tailored risk profile.

With so many businesses struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in Cyber Security, ThreatInformer provide an easy solution for them to analyse and address their risks.

Hannah Beaumont
Director, La Playa

How It Works

See how our services can help Josie, a cyber broker.


Josie logs in and generates Spark reports on all of her Financial Institution clients that haven’t yet purchased cyber. The unique Spark reports form the basis of her client campaign.


Josie gets a 25% response rate from her campaign and creates a Coverview for each client to show why her policy is the right choice.


After binding Josie helps her clients with their risk management and introduces a cyber security risk management partner to lower their risk profile.

Ready to fast-track your Cyber growth?