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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ThreatInformer provide models?

We don't provide models. We provide data that is able to power your models.

Will ThreatInformer's data work with models supplied by other vendors?

We are able to match the data output to common data schema where vendors give this option.

Is ThreatInformer's data a blackbox?

We'll be open with you about how we collect, process, and interpret data. ThreatInformer's data needs to be useful for the context of your business and strategies so you're able to control and filter that data according to policies, exposures and portfolios.

Does ThreatInformer provide financial impact estimates?

We don't provide costs/financial impact estimates.

Does ThreatInformer provide benchmarking?

We don't do benchmarking at the generic level of risk score per coverage, company, industry or geography. We are able to normalise our data at the portfolio level to give you data that supports benchmarking in the context of your risks and exposures.

Why don't you use other data sources?

The choice of using data warehouses/lakes requires decisions about how to understand signal vs noise. ThreatInformer provides data that is actionable and useful for re/insurers.

Does the ThreatInformer platform use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data science?

ThreatInformer's technology uses a number of techniques to collect, process, and gather data. Some of these might be described as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data science, however, we prefer to focus on how we work with, and what we do for, the insurance industry instead of focusing on buzzwords.