Automated Risk Assessments
for Cyber Insurance

Using intelligent metrics to balance risk.

The Cyber Risk Challenge

Cyber Insurance is a rapidly growing market, however reliable data points for underwriting are scarce.
Generic cyber risk scores and technical cyber metrics don’t meet the needs of the cyber insurance industry. Mapping a score to the likelihood of claims requires a mix of cyber expertise and guesswork. When it is difficult to identify risks with a single insured, managing systemic exposure is close to impossible.

Smart Reporting

Through our sharp, clear interface, we present actionable insight for painless risk assessment.
Uncomplicated and accessible data improves efficiency and commercial success.

Cyber Intelligence

We convert cyber intelligence into insurance intelligence.
Combining threat data, security assessments and environmental factors, we deliver the complete cyber risk picture.

Policy Driven

Each underwriter's policy is embedded into the core of our technology.
All information gathered, analysed and reported is specifically tailored for each insurer's product.

Key Features

Our cloud SaaS platform enables underwriters and brokers to enrol insureds at the click of a button. Results are always accessible for analysis, export and seamless integration.
  • Seamless integration for underwriting.
  • Advanced, on-demand cyber metrics.
  • Clear visualisation of risk.
  • Results mapped to coverage.
  • Quickly identify new opportunities.

Smart Services for Underwriters & Brokers

ThreatInformer’s insights support both the writing and placing of cyber risks. Whatever your pre-bind role is, we have a solution for you.

Helping Underwriters
with Key Decisions

With our clear and reliable data, underwriters can make confident and positive writing decisions.

Transforming Brokers
into Trusted Advisors

Place risks with confidence, backed by factual information helping you to identify and explain the most appropriate coverage for each proposer.

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