Cyber Insurance Brokers

Find the best policy for your insureds in a rapidly growing market.

The emergence of a new societal threat in the form of cyber-attack is creating the urgent need for appropriate risk-mitigation and risk-transfer mechanisms.

Lloyd's of London, Cyber Attack Strategy

Finding the right coverage for your insured

Even within sectors, proposers can have very different coverage needs. With little standardisation across products and minimal insight of proposer’s technical risks, providing proposers with the right coverage is a challenge.

ThreatInformer highlights the key cyber risks that an insured faces and maps them against coverage provided by policies. You can place risks with confidence, knowing that your insureds are covered against the attacks that matter to them.

Verify Proposal Forms

Cyber proposal forms can be full of errors. Proposers often do not have the technical knowledge to provide accurate information. Brokers have very little information to validate proposal forms and this leads to the potential that insureds may not be covered leading to unsatisfied customers and litigation.

ThreatInformer can technically validate answers on proposal forms, highlighting discrepancies for discussion or providing improved confidence. We support your due diligence process.

Brokers as Trusted Advisors

Key to understanding cyber risk is an explanation of why and how technical issues affect the likelihood of incidents and claims. Our focus on impact means our reports present technical issues, along with an explanation of the increased risk and suggestions for effective risk management procedures.

These insights put brokers into a trusted advisor position, improving your ability to demonstrate your expertise and win the risks you want.